Ovenden is fully committed to protecting the environment. We aim to meet or exceed environmental legislation and are always looking for ways to improve our environmental credentials.

Ovenden is licensed with the Environment Agency to collect, recycle and dispose of all types of waste. We work with our customers to evaluate the most appropriate method of disposal to ensure the minimum amount goes
to landfill. In many cases we can achieve a 100% recycle rate.

To find out more about our environmental policies or to discuss your muckaway or recycling needs, call 01304 842100 and speak
to a member of our team.

Throughout all of our operations, we aim to:

  • Reduce pollution, CO2 emissions and waste
  • Select the most efficient plant and equipment 
  • Ensure waste is re-used, recycled or recovered for its energy content
  • Ensure any other waste is disposed of
    in an environmentally friendly way
  • Maintain all equipment to minimise fuel consumption
  • Maximise re-use and recycling when disposing of old plant
  • Dispose of waste oil responsibly
  • Advise on optimum operation of plant to minimise environmental impact
  • Ensure employees are aware of,
    and adhere to environmental legislation